Honeys: Keeping it raw
“Raw” natural state, not processed or purified, not in a finished or highly finished state
We keep it raw: straight from the hive, filtered and then jarred. To retain all the natural benefits found in pure 100% raw honey.
Bee resilient with Maybees 100% raw honey and products.
Quantities vary and therefore orders are taken in advance on a first ordered first served.
• Forest of Dean raw honey: hives based in the centre of the forest.
• Wildflower Raw honey: hives based in wildflower meadows and feeding on the local countryside near the river Severn in Gloucestershire.
• Spring raw honey: take from the hives in the wildflower meadows. There was rape seed oil grown this year, so we extracted early and found the wonderful mix of wildflower and rape seed honey, a sweet floral honey.
• Lime and wild flower raw honey: taken just as the lime trees stop flowering.

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