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About Us

Nestled between the river Wye and river Severn, amongst the wildflower meadows and the Forest of Dean is the homes to our bee hives.
We started beekeeping after receiving a hive for our wedding. In 2013, I had our daughter with near fatal complications. While in hospital, one option considered for my repair and recovery was honey. I had to give up my life as I knew it: an active person and childminder and I returned home from hospital with a huge open wound and a very premature baby.
The world of bees inspired me to rebuild my life: stronger and better than ever before, being resilient to the ever changing times. With fantastic care and nutrition I have made an amazing recovery. I believe in caring for my bees in the same way: with clean equipment with good natural nutrition. If our bees need feeding: we feed them their own honey.
We brought a field overlooking the river Severn and a few more hives, and Maybees began…

Our Ethos

Working with the bees, keeping it raw.
  1. We do not use chemicals in our hives
  2. Our bees are not fed sugar or sugar products.
  3. Pure 100% raw honey.
  4. We only use natural products in our products.
  5. We love our bees.